Can be used in both singular and plural forms in order to describe the police
"Words of wisdom from Nas - Try to rise up above; Keep an eye out for Jake, shorty - one love."
- Nas, 'One Love'

"Call it a New York state of mind - gotta take mine. In the daytime the Jakes'll hit ya forty-one times."
- Wu-Tang Clan, 'Let My Niggas Live'
by thedvs01 January 22, 2005
sexy man who is incredible at fucking and has a great bod.
wow, look at him, he is such a jake
by emily francesca May 25, 2008
an extremely hot, sweet, nice, irresistable guy that will do anything for the one he wants. He also has the hottest body in the whole wide world and is very fuckable.
Omg! Look at that guy over there, he is such a jake!!
by rockmonstaaah June 16, 2008
may be one of the most popular boy names around.
means that they are very caring, awesome, and fly.
not easily angered.
Woah, his name is jake, he must be cool.
by Shanaynay Jones May 26, 2007
cops, narcs, fbi or anyone that can arrest.
yo keep an eye out for the jakes for you have to do time.
by Philly_lima October 08, 2003
jake is a very cool named person, but very intelligent even if he does not look or seem it.
everybody likes a jake!
by jibjabmoomoohead September 10, 2008
is the sweetest guy you will ever met. he is a country boy at heart, and will do anything for a woman. he's one of the guys that will let you win at pool even though you suck. a boy that is old fashioned that opens doors, orders your food, etc..
have you seen kristen's jake?
by kristen.carter.26 November 30, 2008
a sexy beast from the north, far better looking and far better in bed than ross.
look at him, he must be jake
by pot noodle October 26, 2005
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