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the destruction of self and team through your own careless, stupid, and often illegal activities. In other words, squandering the sum of the parts. Nickname given to the NBA's Portland Trailblazers for obvious reasons.
Fan 1: "I can't believe the Blazers lost again."
Fan 2: "Hard to win when half your team is facing drug charges and the other half just doesn't give a crap."
Fan 1: "well, I suppose they don't call them the jailblzers for nothin'"

Student 1: "dude, got some weed in my locker - let's go"
Student 2: "hey jailblazer, we got our team presentation in 2 hours!"

Monica: "do you need some intern services?"
Bill: "I'm so glad you asked, that way I won't get accused of forcing myself on you, like Paula, Kathleen, and Juanita."
Monica: "why, you little jailblazer..."
by workinglate March 01, 2006
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