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a very pretty girl who is to become, successful in life is very funny, outgoing crazy and all the boys want her. she is one of the greatest girls you will ever meet.
wow jaidin is so, awsome
by lalalahello April 18, 2011
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Jaidin is a guy who is hot,sweet,kind,and shy.Jaidin likes to play sports and video games.He has the biggest heart in the world and shows it .Loves to act shy until you make him happy then he never shuts up.
Omg Jaidin is so hot!
by lovelife02 April 15, 2015
When you find yourself a Jaidin never let him go because he is to kind to measure and sweet to know.He will always leave you wanting more so if u ever have one make sure he knows that you think he wonderful and sweet and kind.
by lovelife02 April 15, 2015
Jaidin the most cutest guy to ever see,loves games,sports,and life also if your lucky enough to meet one keep him because will always leave u guessing.
Jaidin just made a homerun!
by lovelife02 April 15, 2015
butterflies. beautiful and innocent
jaidin is stunning and very innocent like a butterfly
by oliveyou95 April 18, 2011

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