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A word to describe a boy who when enters a realtionship, becomes obsessed with the girl to an extent where every second word from his mouth and social network update is about how much 'love' he feels for her.
Fred looks at facebook and sees, for the fith time in a row
"Bill: I love you Colleen, you're my one and only!"
Fred - "Jeeze, that guy is such a jahn *hides from newsfeed*"
by KillPixie September 02, 2010
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You see that girl last night?
Yeah dude been jahnsing her facebook.
by Rus T Shackleford September 09, 2012
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Usually the last name of a gay kid named Casey. Tends to called 14-year olds gay.
Dang dude, thats a Jahns move.
by thatfourteenyearold December 15, 2010
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