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The guitar that Nirvana frontman and all around genius Kurt Cobain invented. Basically the top of a Fender Jaguar put on the bottom of a Fender mustang, hence Jag-Stang. Hard to find even though Fender has reissued them. Kickass guitar
Jagstangs are fucking expensive, which sucks cuz they're really nice!!
by Franko October 28, 2003
a custom guitar designed by kurt cobain. combines parts of the jaguar and mustang, but is mostly a kurtified mustang. most likely never would have been mass produced or available if he wasnt killed.
the jagstang is a badass guitar, but you need to put a jb in the bridge and a texas special in the neck like the way kurt had his.
by fecal matter July 30, 2004
a hybrid between a fender Mustang and a fender Jaguar

its daddy is Kurt Cobain!!!!
it could rock me all night if it wasn't close to thousand $$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!
by Donna October 27, 2003
An awesome electric guitar designed by Kurt Cobain, singer and guitar player to Nirvana. It was made by Fender. It was a mix between a Fender Mustang and Fender Jaguar. They stopped being made so you can't buy them in stores anywhere.
I bought a Jag-Stang off ebay from a guy for $500!
by Bobby Machay July 13, 2005
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