Noun. Effete person rendered infertile through excessive alcohol consumption, prosaic conversion or inability to get laid at summer festivals.
Why you such a muggy little jaffa clown?
by hazzawazza September 22, 2013
Something or someone that is so amazing/hot that just calling it amazing/hot would be offensive. Derived from the word "jaffacakes"-which are incredibly delicious.
Example 1:
Dave-That girl is sooo hot!

James-She's beyond hot- she's jaffa.

Example 2:
Kate-That sounds amazing!

Angela-It's more than's jaffa
by H-Dot July 29, 2012
Jaffa- A person (boy) with one testi.
Cizza: Hey Brad your a Jaffa!
Brad: STFU!....I have two balls unlike you.
Cizza: Yeah. You wish, is your dad a jaffa too? Lmfao!
by Xx-- Jinxification --xX June 20, 2010
(noun) - A nocturnal, hideous creature that goes through a 28 day cycle known as "Jaffa Period" whereby its disgusting toe grows to the size of its head and requires an extra shoe (attached the the side of its left) to house it. Although lacking vital nutrients and has an increasing chance of developing scurvy, it is able to gain all vital amino acids, fats and sugars to aid his growth by devouring his highly acidic toes. He is known as an "it" as he is neither male nor female - although he strives to look like a human male. As he is not both genders, he is not known as a "hermaphrodite."
Ex. 1) "I saw Jaffa's toe the other day. I shall not only turn into stone, but before I do, my retinas will suffer a slow and agonising death."
Ex.2)"He is making me angry, I may speak of Jaffa's toe to aggravate him."
by toeybum July 15, 2012
an expression used in a similar fashion to 'brap', 'bop' and 'blap' in order to express excitement/ elation!
Emma: Jen Come Dine With Me is on tonight!
by CH5 April 17, 2008
Acronym for 'Just Another Fucking Field Assistant', in common use in the goldfields of Australia to refer to Field Assistants.
"Which Phil? The JAFFA or the JAMFAG?"
by blnvs January 29, 2008
noun -

Someone who's life consists solely of computer games. The word 'Jaffa' comes from these people's main food source, Jaffa Cakes.
'He's such a jaffa'
'No she won't come out with us, she's a jaffa'
by Zakini January 24, 2008
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