Jaffas is the registered trademark for a small round sweet consisting of a soft chocolate centre with a hard covering of orange flavoured and coloured candy. The name derives from the colour of oranges from Jaffa, Israel. Jaffas have often been sold in movie theatres and have gained iconic status because of the noise made when they are dropped (accidentally or deliberately) and rolled down sloping wooden floors. Through association with this candy, Jaffa is sometimes used to describe a chocolate-orange flavour. In Dunedin New Zealand every year 20,000 Jaffas are raced down Bawldrin Street the World's Steepest Street.
I like to eat Jaffas.
by James.Hall July 26, 2007
Top Definition
(n.) An impotent person (male or female) who cannot have children. In the male, this usually produces watery, or no seminal fluid.
I hear he's a jaffa

You fucking jaffa!
by Gumba Gumba May 21, 2004
A male who can't produce sperm, Jaffa being derived from the title of a fruit company whose Oranges are seedless.
Patrick can't have children, he's a Jaffa.
by Anonymous1337 March 28, 2007
In cricket a Jaffa is a delvery that is unplayable.
See any Steve Harmison yorker for details
by umpirestrikesback June 17, 2005
A sponge cake with plain chocolate and a smashing orangy bit.
I never share my jaffa cakes

Hands off my jaffas!
by Lemmiwinks December 30, 2004
A human slave who incubates a Goa'uld larva in his chest. The Jaffa serve as the army of the Goa'uld.
"Jaffa, kree!"
by Teal'c June 13, 2003
Jaffa (n) To Jaffa (v) Jaffa’d (adj) The art of Jaffa’ing is a highly technical skill and is a modern day advancement on pulling ‘bunny ears’ behind peoples heads on photographs. To Jaffa someone you must divert their attention to the camera and before the flash goes off look at your companion in disgust, quizzically or generally as if they are a total odd bod without them noticing. The result, they have unknowingly been totally jaffa’d! There are variations of the original Jaffa including:

The Double Jaffa – When two people Jaffa the same victim

The Uber Jaffa – When 2 or more people Jaffa one person, and that person is pulling a rather ridiculous face/pose

The Jaffa Off – When 2 people in the picture Jaffa each other at the same time – in that case best Jaffa wins

The Dangerous Jaffa - Jaffa'ing a stranger who may well kick your head in if discovered
by HarryS April 24, 2007
slang for N.Ireland protestant
fuck ye, ye jaffa bastard!
by em. July 06, 2005

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