Balding 'holic with an extremely high hairline who's often found creeping about nightclubs trying to seduce women with his constantly surprised looking eyebrows.
Did you see the guy who who was constantly pestering your beau last night? He was a complete Javesy
by Jidified October 05, 2010
Top Definition
A derogatory term used to describe a dumb female. Typical characteristics of a jafe include attention seeking, loudness, irrational thinking, and the inability to handle alcohol, usually a young female. Originated from Wellington, New Zealand.
"What a jafe"

"The jafes are taking selfies in the bathroom"
by goodkun December 02, 2013
Jack Ass Fucking Eeyore. An unhappy, non-excitable, tool who is unable to find pleasure or joy in anything.
Nathan: I just got my third yahtzee in a row.

Matt: Aren't you excited?

Nathan: Meh.

Matt: Gah, you're such a JAFE.
by Tevin7 December 08, 2010
An Acronym for 'Just A F****** Embarrassment', first used in 2003 outside Faces nightclub as the individual was escorted out sideways for a scuffle on the dancefloor to the sounds of vanilla ice.
I can't believe it, you're such a jafe, a pure clown on a stage.
by Jafe September 08, 2007
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