Short for "Jealous as fuck" or "Jelly as fuck", used in instant messenger and other online social media websites. The word is used to show your jealously of what your friend has got or is doing.
Friend 1: hey man I got the new call of duty game 3 days early!

Friend 2: really?? dude i'm sooo JAF!!
by minispecs123 September 14, 2011
Just A Friend Syndrome
-When a good friend likes, you but doesn't like you the way you do.
- The syndrome where you can never get a boy/girl-friend because you're too good friends.
John- *Megan turned me down, urgh, JAFS sucks.*
Rob- *Dude, you shouldn't have been such good friends*
by martin188888 May 15, 2008
"Just a friend"; a term often used to describe someone of romantic interest who has yet to be referred to as "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" in public or even among close friends. Often, both parties have a shared romantic interest in each other and haven't told anyone yet. At other times, one of them may be stuck in the friend zone. The "just a..." part is a lame attempt to conceal this fact everyone else already knows. Otherwise, the term friend is used instead.
Jay-Z was jaf to Beyonce for years and now they are married!

I respect people's privacy but who were they fooling?
by Doublestuff December 04, 2008
John Allan Forster Syndrome.
loss of memory, ability to bullshit for england. multitued of rude sayings, pledge never to take the blame for anything,loss of hair, bad breath and extreme smells.
"hello jack, i mean john, harry oh fuck whats your name?"

by harry the b*****d October 18, 2003
A person who stalks a bills50000 on the internet because he is jealous he didn't get anywhere near Mandy Moore. A playa hatah.
Oh look! There goes JAf' again, hating on bills50000!
by William August 16, 2003
just a friend
I don't want to sleep with you, I'm jaf.
by Anonymous April 11, 2003
Guy:who's JAF?
Guy 2: No one special
by MonJoe September 14, 2003
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