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Cheapest lager beer around . 87 cent a can. If you can find cheaper ill refund it. . . .
John; "You gunna get twisted tonight man?"
Winthorpe; "No ive hardly any money"
John: "Sure jus go on the Galahad mate, Cheap as chips. . . "
by softboyz June 19, 2009
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a cry baby from arthurian legend, who is into understanding his enemy, instead of killing him cannot even hold a candlestick holder to Tristan
Tristan: hey man, want a beer
Galahad: no that was made from hops harvested unjustly
(smack, Tristan beats him over the head and goes and has a beer)
by Snowman McKnives May 01, 2005
hardcore chuckle
person 1: why dont chickens wear pants?
person 2: why?
person 1: because their peckers are on top

person 2 and 1: galahad! LMAO
by GrimReaper999 May 13, 2010
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