1) the receptacle of your jackoff fluids, such as T-shirt, sock, or a 'Puffs-plus-lotion'.

2) a guy or girl so devoid of class and character as to be only useful for wiping your jackoff onto like a babywipe.
1) When they were finished watching each other, Angie said to Brad, "Hey, reach under the couch and grab me a sock. I need a Jackwipe."
2) "Bill showed up at Hilary's party Friday night--with a DATE!""Then they're both a couple of Jackwipes!" -- or -- "Old Mrs. Paul got her purse back from the guy and then stabbed him with her fishstick" "Good! That Jackwipe deserved it!!"
by pianogoddess January 21, 2009
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combination of "jackass" and "asswipe." Usable as a refreshing alternative to jackhole.
"Quit hoggin' the nachos, jackwipe!"
by Funk Naz-T August 12, 2003
derogatory term of assignment - refers to the leftover sock or other item used for masturbation cleanup.
back of the line jack wipe!
by nationalradio February 23, 2007
Noun. A stupid, mean, contemptible, or detestable person.
Man, that guy that cut you off, he's such a jackwipe.
by Real Deal Not the Glockenspiel April 24, 2010
the cross between a jackass, and an asswipe, hince the name, jack wipe.
you jack wipe, leave me alone!
by j varone December 12, 2004
A box of kleenex that sits by your computer desk/nightstand, and it runs out within days. Even when you don't have a cold.
Damnit to hell, I'm out of jackwipe. I guess my sock will do.
by Darkness December 01, 2004
Someone you hate with such a passion that you'd be happy to wipe yours or someone else's (stinky) and (poopy) ass with.
Damn Tom you're such a retard, way to be a jack- wipe.
by Jess Johnson October 09, 2006

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