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1. White synonym for "flirting"
Black synonym for "throwin out your game"
1. Mike: Stop pitchin woo to Ang.
Shook: Hold up. I'm down to my last woo ball.
Mike: She doesnt want you or your balls.
by Darkness May 06, 2005
1. An action and/or phrase used when pitchin woo.

2. The "object" thrown when pitchin woo.
1. You hit her hard with that last woo ball.

2. I think I done pitched my last woo ball.
by Darkness May 06, 2005
1. The cure to the White epidemic.
1. Jamaal: Did you see what Bob just did?
Maurice: Yeah, that made me Hispanic and it's not even wintertime.
Jamaal: Word, he's next in line for evanevolution.
by Darkness May 06, 2005
A box of kleenex that sits by your computer desk/nightstand, and it runs out within days. Even when you don't have a cold.
Damnit to hell, I'm out of jackwipe. I guess my sock will do.
by Darkness December 01, 2004
to kick a female in the vagina to prime her for sex, also known as a hoof to the front butt
John wanted to have sex but Sally wasn't horny, so John gave her a Kansas City kick start.
#foreplay #sex #arouse #stimulate #jumpstart
by DARKNESS July 16, 2015
The act of astonishment at the price of a popular brand of household crisps.
That will be £1.40 - ONE FORTY!!!!!?
by Darkness November 29, 2004
The eater or the major burnanator burger
munch munch
by darkness April 05, 2003
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