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1) the receptacle of your jackoff fluids, such as T-shirt, sock, or a 'Puffs-plus-lotion'.

2) a guy or girl so devoid of class and character as to be only useful for wiping your jackoff onto like a babywipe.
1) When they were finished watching each other, Angie said to Brad, "Hey, reach under the couch and grab me a sock. I need a Jackwipe."
2) "Bill showed up at Hilary's party Friday night--with a DATE!""Then they're both a couple of Jackwipes!" -- or -- "Old Mrs. Paul got her purse back from the guy and then stabbed him with her fishstick" "Good! That Jackwipe deserved it!!"
by pianogoddess January 21, 2009
your faux-PC way to refer to profanity, particularly when confronted with a doof who takes offence at your useage and should shut their cake hole.
pianogoddess: "That coon-ass is a good-fer nuthin' fuck stain"
Shocked Sourpuss: "Language, language!"
pianogoddess: "Whatcho problem?? It's not profanity. They're word enhancers."
by pianogoddess March 29, 2009
The acronym for the 44th President of The United States. The "I'm too busy to say every letter, Yo," way of referring to the Commander-in-Chief. Keeping you one step ahead of the hip-slick-and-cool, at least for ten minutes.
IT'S EASY, AND TEXT READY...JUST WATCH! "cn u gv me a rde? I wnt 2 buy my electc car, bt nt til BHO signs that bill 4 hge tax credits on it kthxbi"

"Check this...BHO pulled every soldier out of Iraq and it's not even February! That's what I'm talkin''bout"
by pianogoddess January 21, 2009
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