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n. The bag in which Jack Bauer carries his gun, PDA, ammo, cell phone, duct tape, knife, scope, etc. It is NOT a man purse.
The terrorists thought they had Bauer at last, but he pulled a bazooka out of his jackpack.
by SkidMarkyMark May 02, 2006
The man purse Jack Bauer uses in 24 Season 5.
Look at the Jack Pack! I want one!
by Vanessa April 11, 2006
A Jack Pack is pornographic material that is snuck into a jail or prison that is wrapped in plastic for repeated use. The possessor of the jack pack can lick the back of the plastic wrap and stick it to the shower walls while the prisoner masturbates. The possessor can either use it for themselves or they can rent it out to other prisoners for items from the commissary.
Bill: Man, I've been locked up for 14 years and I haven't gotten pussy since. I really could use a shower and a jack pack.

Tom: Hey there guy, I've got a jack pack; you can have it for the night for a can of tuna.
by Gene Wonka March 27, 2010
1. a nock off of the shack pack
2.Really cul dude
3. Guys who give supermans
Sup my jack pak why dont you give me a supa man for good luk
by me May 28, 2003
A masturbation kit consisting of tissues and lotion.
"I need to stop by Target on the way home and grab a JackPack.
by linesteppersteve September 29, 2015
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