Causes Pleasure and Anger. The pleasurable part is pre-ejaculation. The Anger part is post-ejaculation. This is the part where the man becomes mad at himself for wasting 30 minutes of his time. The world suddenly becomes clear and the chemical imbalance is one again balanced. Too bad no man learns this lesson and history repeats itself.
I had a great time jacking off, up until the end.
#whacking it #masturbation #jackingoff #spanking it #hand pump
by Patrick April 23, 2008
When a male masturbates while thinking of Jack Bauer; the worlds only alpha male
I was caught jacking off by my mother
#jackking off #jacing off #jack #self bauering #masturbation
by Virgil Depois October 06, 2006
when u rub a big stick up and down.
i jack off so much that mayo came out, so my girlfriend use it on her sandwitch. it doesn't taste like mayo tho. recomended: only jacking off when your girlfriend is gone.
#masturebating #safe sex #what u do with out your gf #best thing with out a girl #porn is need.
by ugh! u jerk off! August 23, 2008
when guyz get board they run very up to their room or home or sd thy refer to their room their masterbation pad. they rub rub rub ru mayb even suck them selfves until that white shit just started slowing out like te nile river.
kyle runs and rubs very fast then slow fast n slow fast n slow!! (hes having a great time by himself)!!;)
by poo face May 10, 2003
Sticking my fingers in and out of my sexy pussy
do u wanna help me jack off?
by Snakes November 22, 2003
To releive one's thelf in thexual enlightenment by rubbing the head, or pinching the cliterus over and over and over and over.
Alex ran to her bedroom cos she was tired and relived herthelf on the floor
by Alex highley September 15, 2003
when my bro jack goes away
mum jacks jacking off again, come say bye bye
by sily mong September 01, 2004
When you disconect from the internet
I gotta go im jacking off.
#jack #off #jack off #unplug #disconnecting
by Rob Ho April 26, 2006
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