Jacking off is after you play withself and can't hold back the pleasure and excitement you just created playing with your self, then you cum.
I love to play with myself while looking at pics of girls on the internet. I can do this for hours and really love it. I like to put rubber bands around my balls, they make them bounce around alot while jacking and feeels real good to me. I like girls to watch me play with myself also , mostly they just laugh, especially when I can't hold back any more and finish playing by jacking off. Watching me cum, they laugh alot , I love it.
by Jacking June 08, 2007
Jacking off is when you take your hand, and grab your cock like there is no freaking tomorrow, make sure you have a firm grip! Move your hand up and down and up and down again and again, if you do it right and long enough, you'll ejaculate all over. Sometimes you want to eat some, so you do. I do it like 3 times a day, and sometimes I'm dry by night, but I love it so much, too bad I can't reach down to give myself a blowjob!
I was jacking off in the bathroom at school and it went "thump, thump, thump" until it just all came out and I was relieved that I let go of my seed.
by Takisha January 01, 2006
rubbing your boner for insane sexual pleasure
I'm jacking off as I type this sentence.
by lolwhatisthis March 30, 2009
When Chris, Tracey, and Jackie walked around to the back of our store and saw a bum jacking off in the bushes.
by Sarah August 03, 2003
When stimulating a personal part of your body.
Most people like jacking off
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
Jacking off: Grabing your penis and moving your hand up and down until you are satisfied or until orgasim
Dude i like jackingoff.
by joshua J.T.H July 14, 2006
When a young man or old man (can be both) get hard or also known as horny, they're penis starts to rise up. If they don't have anyone at the moment to help them with their needs, then they go to a private place such as the shower or their bed or also local wal-mart and go in a up and down motion on their penis. Causing them to feel the pleasure of having sex with a girl, or also feel the burn. When they reached their maximum pleasure a tasty substances called cum squirts out, and that is when he or she knows they are done jacking off.
by iknowuwithallmymight May 14, 2010
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