To get Beat up or layed out
1In the early nineties Tyson's game was nuthin. him vers Evander and Tyson would get Jacked Tha fuck Up
2AS the wanksta walked down the street he proceeded to be jacked up by some1's crew.
by hatabitchsmacka February 05, 2004
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1. not working properly or as intended.
2. having used a large quantity of speed, cocaine, or other amphetamine.
3. cut or lacerated by means of a make-shift knife or blade. see SKIV
4. In generally poor or injured condition.
sense "1": "This is so JACKED UP! She said she'd be here at eight!"
sense "4": "I want to play, but my shoulder's still JACKED UP from last weekend.
by mainframe October 31, 2003
This is a phrase largely equivilent to fucked up or screwed up. It roughly means "in a state of disarray" and is commonly used in the phrase "to jack someone/something up". In some cases, the meaning may be slightly altered by the fact that to get "jacked" can mean to be struck or injured.
That's jacked up man. I can't belive your girlfriend is cheating on you.

I got in a wreck last night. My car got totally jacked up.
by pete August 12, 2004
(Adjective )informally used to describe something that is not quite right.
Her shirt is jacked-up.
That's jacked-up, why did you do that?
This definition is jacked-up.
by Hailey Cooley August 22, 2003
high on some kind of upper, coke, speed, ecstacy, etc.
this shit is fuckin great man, it had me all jacked up last night
by watzy December 28, 2006
Refers to pricing of items for sale. Generally implies that the marked price is higher than the item is worth for marketing reasons (to get a higher discounted sale price), or raised due to high demand (gouge price).
Some sale! These prices are all jacked up!
The car price is jacked up $3000 over list because no one has any left on the lot!
by KP: July 11, 2006
1.) To be in a state of disarray, or an undesired position.
I wrecked my truck last night, and the front-end is all jacked-up.
by Gary J. Talley March 19, 2003
(v.) To get "jacked up" is to be altered in a fashion that is undesirable or not to normal working condition(Ex. 1). Could also be something completely undesirable, such as an event(Ex 2). Also could be used as slang for being in a fight...and losing(Ex. 3).

(n.) A truck(or car) with a lift kit. Most likely a 4x4 pickup truck. Mainly used as slang by people from rural areas(Ex 4).
1. Man this screwdriver is jacked up! See that bend in it?
2. The water bill is 300 dollars? That is jacked up!
3. Dude did you see John after that fight lastnight? He got jacked up!
4. "Yeah the parking lot is muddy, can't get to the door. I take my Jacked Up and drop it down in four-by-four." -Drink In My Hand by Eric Church.
by Mastercat 001 October 22, 2011

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