Overkill on some material things
Her nails are so jacked up with that jewlery and rhinestones
by shorty April 08, 2003
Slang for what you are when you're high on acid
I'm all jacked up on acid!
by Opopanax August 01, 2004
Searched by the police. Generaly refering to being searched for no real reason.
by jdm October 30, 2003
A racialy motivated search.
Me an De'Bo wuz out ride'n and got jacked up 'cause they wuz look'n fo 2 nigga's on a 10-11.
by jdm October 30, 2003
Drunk, or not thinking straight due to alcohol. Probably came from the name of the beer, Jack Daniels.
"Don't start stuff when you're all jacked up!" -Country Song
by Englishboy September 11, 2005
To get jacked up: to satisfy your need for Jack Bauer by watching several hours of the TV show 24, causing you to become jumpy and paranoid.
i'm going to my room to get jacked up..
by Chris 'BKS' June 23, 2005
To get Beat up or layed out
1In the early nineties Tyson's game was nuthin. him vers Evander and Tyson would get Jacked Tha fuck Up
2AS the wanksta walked down the street he proceeded to be jacked up by some1's crew.
by hatabitchsmacka February 05, 2004

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