jacked up is used to describe a time framed situation, item, behavior or comment that is wrong, foul, ugly and or damaged. it is the foundational description of understanding that nothing is going to move, go well, work or prosper unless immediate action is taken or the course of behavior changes direction.

candy: who invited that mess to the party? she is so jacked up.
dave: shhhsh! be cool, that's the bosses daughter-i'm dating her.

officer: your friend over there told us you are the owner of the paraphenilia, is that correct?
suspect: man, that is so jacked up, it's his.

shelly: i heard terese's mom is going out with her ex boyfriend sean!
clare: ew! poor teresa, that is so jacked up for her mom to do that!

student one: then the professor said he was cutting my grade for missing five days
student two: you need to take that to the board bro-he is jacked up!

mom: did you get the laundry washed?
son: no, the washer's all jacked up

mark: bro, i lost your keys last night after the party and don't know where your car is.
jeff: dude, you are jacked up, that is so wrong

amber: for real, the only place i could find to get sick was in the hall closet-for real, the bathroom was locked.
monica: amber, for real, that is so jacked up. if i were you i would not tell anyone else. she is still grounded for having the party and wants to know who got her busted for boones farm yak on her mom's linens.

tom: i got her number when he wasn't looking
brandon: man, i told you don't go there- he jacked up the last guy that went after his woman real bad. dude still can't smile right.

driver on phone: my tire is flat and i have my car jacked up without a spare.
tow truck/vehicle repair dispatcher: that's jacked up-we'll send someone right out.
by redskin creek August 04, 2008
Top Definition
1. not working properly or as intended.
2. having used a large quantity of speed, cocaine, or other amphetamine.
3. cut or lacerated by means of a make-shift knife or blade. see SKIV
4. In generally poor or injured condition.
sense "1": "This is so JACKED UP! She said she'd be here at eight!"
sense "4": "I want to play, but my shoulder's still JACKED UP from last weekend.
by mainframe October 31, 2003
This is a phrase largely equivilent to fucked up or screwed up. It roughly means "in a state of disarray" and is commonly used in the phrase "to jack someone/something up". In some cases, the meaning may be slightly altered by the fact that to get "jacked" can mean to be struck or injured.
That's jacked up man. I can't belive your girlfriend is cheating on you.

I got in a wreck last night. My car got totally jacked up.
by pete August 12, 2004
(Adjective )informally used to describe something that is not quite right.
Her shirt is jacked-up.
That's jacked-up, why did you do that?
This definition is jacked-up.
by Hailey Cooley August 22, 2003
high on some kind of upper, coke, speed, ecstacy, etc.
this shit is fuckin great man, it had me all jacked up last night
by watzy December 28, 2006
Refers to pricing of items for sale. Generally implies that the marked price is higher than the item is worth for marketing reasons (to get a higher discounted sale price), or raised due to high demand (gouge price).
Some sale! These prices are all jacked up!
The car price is jacked up $3000 over list because no one has any left on the lot!
by KP: July 11, 2006
1.) To be in a state of disarray, or an undesired position.
I wrecked my truck last night, and the front-end is all jacked-up.
by Gary J. Talley March 19, 2003
In the military, to be given a stern talking-to by an NCO for some offense or omission.
"We all got jacked up this morning for calling him 'sergeant-major' instead of RSM."
"On course they'll jack you up if you aren't wearing dress uniform in your ID photo."
by HellHound May 06, 2015

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