A person.Mainly male. Owning a display of screwed teeth.
"His face looks like a busted-up Jack-o-Lantern!"
by Mercedes February 13, 2004
Top Definition
The spirit of halloween. Has a jack-o-lantern for a head and goes around on halloween night and causes mischeif. Sometimes known simply as "Jack"

It is said that a man had the balls to play a prank on a queen. Therefore, the queen sent her soldiers out to kill him. He then asked Death for eternal life and in exchange, Death cut off his head and replaced it with a pumkin.
Guy1: "Hey do you know the spirit of Halloween?"
Guy1: "Oh, you mean Jack?"
by Jim August 21, 2004
When a man tapes a flashlight to his penis well he is recieving a blow job and the light shines through the girl's cheeks
I gave my girl a good Jack O Lantern last night.
by TheRevered October 16, 2010
Inserting a flash light into a girls vagina while it is turned on.
The lights were off so i decided to give her a jack-o-lantern
by fundipper February 02, 2009
When you take a power drill and screw out the inside of your penis and take the shavings put them in a girls vagina and over the course of a week as it seeps out you eat it.
Ah dude me and her Jack O' Lanterned with her so hard!
by Jimbob Dandelian November 09, 2010
An exquistite way to carve pumpkins during the halloween season. Many have elaborate designs. They bring wonder and fright to all who view them.
scary pumpkin...scary pumpkin....scary pumpkin..........funny pumpkin....jack-o-lantern
by lalalalalalallal April 14, 2006
carved pumpkins made on the holiday of halloween.
i made a super scary jack-o-lantern this year.
by bl9 boi July 07, 2009
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