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Inserting a flash light into a girls vagina while it is turned on.
The lights were off so i decided to give her a jack-o-lantern
by fundipper February 02, 2009
10 8
The spirit of halloween. Has a jack-o-lantern for a head and goes around on halloween night and causes mischeif. Sometimes known simply as "Jack"

It is said that a man had the balls to play a prank on a queen. Therefore, the queen sent her soldiers out to kill him. He then asked Death for eternal life and in exchange, Death cut off his head and replaced it with a pumkin.
Guy1: "Hey do you know the spirit of Halloween?"
Guy1: "Oh, you mean Jack?"
by Jim August 21, 2004
26 14
When a man tapes a flashlight to his penis well he is recieving a blow job and the light shines through the girl's cheeks
I gave my girl a good Jack O Lantern last night.
by TheRevered October 16, 2010
24 15
When you take a power drill and screw out the inside of your penis and take the shavings put them in a girls vagina and over the course of a week as it seeps out you eat it.
Ah dude me and her Jack O' Lanterned with her so hard!
by Jimbob Dandelian November 09, 2010
11 8
An exquistite way to carve pumpkins during the halloween season. Many have elaborate designs. They bring wonder and fright to all who view them.
scary pumpkin...scary pumpkin....scary pumpkin..........funny pumpkin....jack-o-lantern
by lalalalalalallal April 14, 2006
8 8
The act of lighting a match and sticking it up a humans anus.
Person A: So, I heard that Alfredo and Chris did a Jack-o-lantern last night.

Person B: Really? Ouch. How'd he handle it?

Person A: Yeah, Chris couldn't sit right all day today. He kept going to the bathroom with a bottle of aloe vera
by Esteban Estevez October 31, 2011
0 1
When u smoke a blumpkin wile smoking a blunt
Dude1: i got the nicest blumpkin yesterday.
Dude2: It would of been better if it was a jack-o-lantern
Dude1: True.
by dontasky23 October 22, 2012
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