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Another way to say Jack Shit.
there are users on this website who do not know jack squat about writing a good definition.
by Light Joker May 21, 2004
Nothing, zero, zilch, nada, shit all. Possibly a short, fat man.
"I came out of that deal with jack squat."
"Here comes that prick, Jack Squat."
by chico del nacho September 19, 2003
absolutely nothing
I didn't win jack squat when i went to Las Vegas last weekend.
by Natalie September 20, 2003
not anything, absolutely nothing
I know jack squat about thermodynamics.
by piewire September 19, 2003
lack of knowledge
You don't know Jack Squat about anything
by Hoboken Johnny September 20, 2003
Something you don't know.
I don't know jack squats about music
by Mr13BF July 07, 2012
Nothing. Identical in meaning to jack shit - it's just an equivalent for people who are scared of profanities.
Your car's worth jack squat.
by super ultra hyper bishi bashi champ September 21, 2003