Jck Sparrow is: Sexy,Drunk,Funny,Someone, who, if you pause the movie will be making a VERY strange face, Awkward, Neva knowing what hes gonna do!
Some things Jack Sparrow says:

"Cotton's parrot....same question"

"you need to find yourself a girl mate...or maybe the problem is you've found one but are incappable of wooing set strumpet. You're not a eunuch are you!?"

"the rum is gone!why is the rum gone?"
by ~Rikki~ June 20, 2006
SEXXIEST man ever the GREATEST hes SEXXY,HOT,FUNNY, & everything else GREAT
theres 1 thing you forgot mate i'm Captian Jack Sparrow!!!
by depplvr22 August 27, 2003
The coolest person ever who is really cool, really hot, really funny, really smart, reallly hot/sexy/cool all around! ^_^
Johnny Depp

Captain Jack Sparrow
the neatest,sexiest,funniest guy on earth
"but why is the rum gone"?
by eva guold October 05, 2003
Jack Sparrow...... HAHAHAHAHAHA BUT WHY IS THE RUM GONE????? makes piracy romantic!!! i bet potc2 is gunna crap it up with his children and father...
'Elizabeths safe just like i promised, shes all set to marry Norrington like she promised and you get to die for her like you promised...so we're all men of our word really...except Elizabeth, as she is, in fact, a woman...'
by heehee July 29, 2004
jack sparrow is one skilful cleric of the church of England impersonating a pirate
"i want you to know, i was rooting for you mate..know that!"
by kenny December 09, 2003
Jack is cunning, witty and a little bit drunk. He is shoor of his self and determined to mett is goal.
"But why is the rum gone?"
"So... I ask you: Can you seal under a comand of a pirate?"
"Hair... From my back."
"If you were looking by a chance to tell her that you love her, mate. That was it."
by *Iri* November 28, 2003
A very sexy pirate! i love him!
Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.
by i am me! November 18, 2003

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