The sudden, overwhelming urge to masturbate, often causing the afflicted person to rub one out in a location other than their standard ejaculatorium.
I caught a glimpse of her meat flaps when she bent over, and I had a full-on jack attack. Seriously, dude... I had to go rub one out in her bathroom.
by fapfapsplort September 01, 2010
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To get drunk drinking Jack Daniels.
Bean and I had a jack attack last night!
by Jilina September 22, 2005
the act of having a cigarette with the company of your friends, or in some cases alone.
Zbaby: hey skyrus, wanna step outside for a jack attack?
skyrus: yeah man, do you have a lighter?
Zbaby: yeah dude.
by kunivaxpblahh February 02, 2009
To have cardiac arrest while masterbating.
My grandfather had a jack attack.
by Joe Blumkin February 26, 2007
When a woman over 30 sexually attacks you.
I was Jackattacked by this hot ass lady last night.
by Shufflufagus September 09, 2010
A name given to successful and amazing students who has a steady supply of awesomeness.
Yo this guy is THE Jack Attack.
by Jattack122 October 05, 2009
A mixed drink that consists of Jackdaniels and Monster energy drink. This Uses the same meathod as a Jagger bomb but useing jack daniels instead of Jagermeister.

At first you wont feel it but then you feel the Jack's hit you like an attack.
"Wow Richards Jack attack is awesome! How did he make it again can't remember anymore"
by FrostBite151 October 23, 2009

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