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The sudden, overwhelming urge to masturbate, often causing the afflicted person to rub one out in a location other than their standard ejaculatorium.
I caught a glimpse of her meat flaps when she bent over, and I had a full-on jack attack. Seriously, dude... I had to go rub one out in her bathroom.
by fapfapsplort September 01, 2010
An arbitrary threshold of arousal, which once passed, will cause an individual to engage in behavior which may be risky to their freedom, health, bank account... or all of the above.

Commonly observed in news reports about dentists who abuse their female patients while under anesthesia, teachers who strike up affairs with underage students, etc. The negative repercussions of a triggered perv switch can oftentimes be avoided by channeling the energy into a jack attack.
Dumb-ass completely flipped his perv switch, now he's looking at 5 to 15 years in a pound-me-in-the-ass prison.
by fapfapsplort September 01, 2010

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