A slang term for a joint.
Wanna toke this jabber?
by Jabber Jake December 30, 2008
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an open instant messaging standards protocol, based on xmpp (extensible messaging and presence protocol)
i updated my jabber client this morning, and it's looking great.
by milk October 06, 2003
v : talk rapidly or babble
Overtaken by fright, the woman jabbered and screamed in the night.
by Joe aka Codes August 19, 2003
The slang term, referring to a Punjabi person, could be a male or female. Usually used by Guju's or Gujarati people to describe a Punjabi.
Raj Patel: Damn look at those cookies!(hot indian girls)
Vinay Patel:They look like Jabbers (Punjabis).
Raj Patel: Nah, Jabbers arnt that hott.

Raj Patel: What do u call a jabber doing bhangra?
Vinay Patel: Dance SINGH!
by Sacs Finest =P May 05, 2009
Refers to a certain cylindrical feminine hygiene product
"Hey ma, you got any jabbers I'm all out?!"
by Jabber Hater October 13, 2004
A word to call a language or way of speaking.
I know how to talk in french!

U can Speak that jabber?
by Peter Do March 15, 2006
1) A person who trys to make themselves look like "The shit" by having his beer noticeable in pictures, doing ridiculous stupid poses, flexing any muscles, seductive smiles etc

2) Someone who trys to get into as many pictures as possible
"look at john. thats his 13th fucking facebook pic tonight and hes flexing in everyone with an empty natty ice light can that fucking jabber"

by Burnt Rye Bread October 29, 2008

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