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When one person sticks a tube in their ass and then sticks it in someone else's ass and shits in their ass.
"Hey babe wanna monroe transfer?"
"No you sick sonofabitch!"
by milk February 14, 2005
The WOMEN that LESBIANS cant stand. Which boggles my mind because Hetero's judge you for your sexual preference, why do the same?
I go to gay clubs, meet a woman..let her know I am Bi...she proceeds to roll her eyes. Ugh.
by Milk September 13, 2004
Teletubies after one too many hits of acid.
Woooahhh, pretty colors.
Dude, I saw a Boohbah that last trip!
by Milk February 15, 2005
an open instant messaging standards protocol, based on xmpp (extensible messaging and presence protocol)
i updated my jabber client this morning, and it's looking great.
by milk October 06, 2003
a derivation of 'l33t', mostly used ironically as it smacks of someone 'trying to hard'
1 15 r337 d00d!!!!$%^7$"52311111
by milk July 17, 2003
Anal Fucking Inside

Afi is by far the worst band i have ever heard...and trust me...i've heard some bad bands...
"AFI is soo fun to do when you're naked with another man."
by milk April 07, 2005
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