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Noun: a Jägerbomb - a shot of Jägermeister dropped into a glass of Red Bull and immediately swallowed.
Stacy's obsessive consumption of Jäegerbombs earned her the nickname "J bomb".
by Speedog 2 January 23, 2011
When you're scanning through radio stations and you're not sure if you've stumbled upon a christian station, the J-bomb is what you listen for in order to tell.
Dude, the singer just dropped the J-bomb! Change the station quick!
by Leefy Greans April 16, 2006
A nickname for someone who always brings materials necessary for Jagerbombs (red bull, Jager, possibly shot glasses, etc.) to a party. This person is extremely awesome, women want him, and men wanna be him.
Nick always brings Jager and red bull to the party, so we call him J-Bomb. He's so awesome!
by TheAmazingNEZ December 30, 2010
A Jiz bomb, a few ml of clearish, white liquid which excretes from the penis after after playing with your self or a friend
When your bored and feel like taking a shower, 'while Im at ill also go drop a J-BOMB'
by Cademcnade June 01, 2009
A joint or "marijuana cigarette"
"Let's go smoke a J-Bomb!"
by WillyJ September 12, 2005
Slang term to jack off or masturbate and or ejaculation/release of semen/sperm. Also used as abbreviated term for Jizz Bomb.
Mateo: Whats up Landon?
Landon: Dude I haven't J-Bombed in days!!!!!
by Intelligencia April 11, 2010
1) Joke bomb - telling a joke that sucks.
Carlos mencia was up on stage dropping J-bombs left and right.
by psven July 29, 2010