Information Technology Outsourcing
Unlike a BPO and ITO specializes in outsourcing IT services.
by fafamanuyag March 21, 2011
Top Definition
An alternate meaning for one who f*cks sheep.
Ryan (ito) is a big sheep fucker.
by pinkbike December 01, 2006
1. An item that's unafordable
2. Something out of your league
1. Yo, those shades are ito, son. I can't buy that shit now.
2. That chick's ito, you'll never get w/ her.
by DgA April 23, 2005
Abbreviation for "In Terms Of"
The story's setting is very realistic ito the characters.
by that one guy with the hair January 12, 2006
ITO (I'm Trippin Out) is an expression of a given moment that we all encounter, which fills us with excitement, shock, or surprise. So...What's your ito moment?
-dude....ito...i just met Kobe Bryant!!!

by I'm Trippin Out October 11, 2011
A white Caucasian female with small genitalia that looks like as if a horse's tongue is sticking out of its ass licking on its own male hymen.
Yo dawg, that chick over there is an Ito. My friend saw that thing and puked.
by White Superiority Complex May 18, 2009
definition 1:
short for ituned out and means you have listened to the same songs/song for a long time on itunes that you are sick of it and need a new song

definition 2:
when you suddenly space out and go to the TW (twilight zone(a place where you suddenly can't think of anything but one thing for a shot period of time. usually not what you should be thinking of)) but this is for a longer period of time.
example 1:
jeff: i am ITO dude, i need a song, any suggestions?

mike: no, not one.

example 2:
brett: ITO, for like 15 minutes during science to day, what are we supposed to do for homework?
sierra: we didn;t have homework
brett: oh
by michael:] May 03, 2009
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