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definitely the king of all penises
Gina: So how'd it go last night...
Maria: Great! He was italian, so you know he had an "italian penis".
Gina: They are definitely the kings of penis.
Maria: Yep.
by an irish guy September 13, 2004
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that shit above this definition is true and all the girls kno it italians are hung like horses
I, Paul am huge! I have an italian penis. But sorry ladies I'm taken.
by Paul DeVito III July 12, 2004
An Italian Penis is a very big and thick penis. It is rumoured that Italian men and men of Italian descent have got very big penises.
Ben: Hey man! What have you got underneath your trousers? A whiskey bottle?
Giuliano: No man, it's just my Italian Penis!
by Leo_rex June 08, 2007
The most gigantic penis in the wole world. Italian men and their male descendents are said to have a very big penis. It's a gift of the race.
Ben: Hey man! Have you hidden a whisky bottle under your pants?
Giuliano: No, man. It's my Italian penis!!!!!
by Leo_rex June 05, 2007
A large and girthy shaft. Lets just say its not just the Italian men's good looks why women love them. Definately among the largest of the white race. The definition below this one seems like its coming from some angry insecure male taking out his insecurities on Italians. Italians usualy come out on top in most European penis size studies.
Tina: Its a snake, its a elephant trunk, its a baseball bat!
Carly: No, its just an Italian Penis
by Tinafay April 27, 2013
A phallic devise that causes many woman to stray from their desired future in Psychology, as well as to lose their ability to speak in Greek and German

OMG, I accidentally was penetrated by an Italian penis, then I could no longer speak Greek! I wish I had known before hand.
by Leslie the 'inlove' July 16, 2008
One of the shortest penises of the European race. Many Italians (as do all southerners) like to bark loud about their "impressive sizes", when in reality they are among the smallest in Europe. Even smaller than some Asian nations.

According to a non self reported study done on 3,300 Italian males. The average erect length of an Italian & Greek is 4 inches. Far below every single nation in the North. The study can be found at NCBI under the title "Penile length and circumference: a study on 3,300 young Italian males.". Forget all those fake penis size maps of Latins portrayed as relatively large. They are mostly made up by insecure indivisuals trying to enflate the size of their members to match their ego, and hide the reality.

It seems to be prominent among so called "Italian Americans", to spout such things. Hilariously, these "Italian Americans" probably aren't even so much as 30% Italian and mostly consist of Southern Italian mutts of New York.
Latoya: His penis was so short
Britanny: He had that Italian penis?
by Jessicaluv February 16, 2013

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