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An Italian Penis is a very big and thick penis. It is rumoured that Italian men and men of Italian descent have got very big penises.
Ben: Hey man! What have you got underneath your trousers? A whiskey bottle?
Giuliano: No man, it's just my Italian Penis!
by Leo_rex June 08, 2007
The most gigantic penis in the wole world. Italian men and their male descendents are said to have a very big penis. It's a gift of the race.
Ben: Hey man! Have you hidden a whisky bottle under your pants?
Giuliano: No, man. It's my Italian penis!!!!!
by Leo_rex June 05, 2007
An Italian man (or any Italian-descendent man) who's got a big penis, is hairy and very good at sex. Oftentimes, these macho Italian Stallions are constantly thinking about sex.
As a young Italian Stallion, Rocco had an obsession about sex.
by Leo_rex June 05, 2007

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