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The most gorgeous people on this planet. Awesome hair. Soo sweet. Flirts.
Mary: Have you meet Jake? He is sooo hot!
Jane: OMIGOSH YES! He's a total Italian! ;)
by i<3umoreeeeeeeee May 20, 2011
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Far from what Jersey Shore had led us to believe, Italians are not a clan of intoxicated orange people with bad tempers. Intead, they are a people who love to eat, love and live. They make up a majority of the most beautiful and talented people on the planet (and they're the best lovers).

This also happens to be the name of their language, one that is one of the most beautiful languages you will ever here (In line with French).
Italians are the best
by BtimusTtimus August 24, 2010
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Someone from Italy, or is descended from Italians. Usually pretty good looking people, and have awesome food. Also the descendants of the Ancient Romans.
Rocky is an Italian.

I'm about 80% Italian.
by starwarsgeek133 August 17, 2010
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A race of people with the biggest noses in the world.
Their egos are generally as big as their noses.
Did you see the size of that Italian person's nose? Be careful around them, they might stab you with it.
by tweek2311 April 27, 2014
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Football fanatic, sexist, homophobic, racist, nationalist, individualistic, etcetera.
But best cooking in the world.

...I'm not racist! I know my compatriots..
I'm italian, I don't care if the Parlament sucks, football is the most important thing in the universe... ever!!!
by Icantfindapseudonym November 26, 2013
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People of Italy are known for their olive skin and dark hair. However there still are Italians with blonde hair and blue eyes. The stigma that Italians are dumb is held up by shows like "Jersey Shore," but originally came from the Ellis Island days. Around this time, the IQ test was invented and someone had the brilliant idea to use IQ tests to test incoming immigrants. One supposed expert at the time stated that 75% of Russians were incompetent, 69% of Polish, and 67% of Italians. These people soon started getting jobs as butchers because of the stigma, introducing the polish sausage and Italian salami. -- I am Italian and do not mess with my salami!
I am Italian with blonde hair and light eyes; and my father is the smartest man I've ever met.
by kaayycee June 06, 2011
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Simply the most talked about culture in the U.S.A right now. Linked to the words guido and jersey shore. Very few italians act like those on the jersey shore. Generally short, tan (if not, light skinned), beautiful hair and stubborn. The most interesting and caring people you will ever meet. To experience a true italian, one must become close to them, or be on their good side. Knows their way in life, won't put up with bull shit and isn't afraid to punch a bitch once in a while.
Did you see that chick?
Yeah man she must've been italian!

That kid is so fly man.
Yeah dude he's italian
by Sofia MM October 26, 2010
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