Proly the best people in the world. That guy is rite We r the darkest white people u will EVER meet. We dont talk with no fake accents and shit. So FUCK all the ITALIAN haters.
I am half ITALIAN even tho i look full
by Monaco June 27, 2005
An Italian is not a Jew
man 1: "Hey, you see that Italian?"
Man 2: "Yea he's definitely not a jew
#italian #jew #italy #marco #jew watching
by Italiansarenotjews February 26, 2012
I'm so sick of hearing this ridiculous shit that Italian people "aren't white"

NEVER BEFORE have I heard this before I came to this site and saw these ridiculously stupid definitions


I'm Italian and I'm light skinned, and damn proud of it!
And no, I most certainly do NOT fit the horrible Italian-American stereotype.
The only reason the douche bag guidos are tanned is because THEY'RE FAKE TANS!

Irish Man: I'm white! go me!
Italian Man: Me too! go US!
Irish and Italian Man: WE ROCK!
#white #light skin #european #caucasian #italian
by Mykey Massacre December 04, 2009
simply put as the best people ever. me with my hispanic/italian/greek i stand proud and tall as an italian!
my dad is all those things. italian power!
#girl #love #breaking up #amish #jew #dog
by bubba jay June 12, 2007
1. Conquerer of Greeks and Civilizer of Germans.
2. Anyone born or decended from someone born on the Italian penninsula - but only from Rome and southward of Rome.
3. Anyone else with style and class - which at the very least means that you don't eat at MacDonalds.
4. What all Gangsta rappers wannabe Gantsta.
What are ya gonna do.
by Jim Pasto July 30, 2005
People with too much hair that won't stop yelling no matter how annoying it is.
Italians make nice cars though.
#italy #italian #king kong #nice cars #pasta
by a new cupboard from ikea April 10, 2015
A race of people with the biggest noses in the world.
Their egos are generally as big as their noses.
Did you see the size of that Italian person's nose? Be careful around them, they might stab you with it.
#nose #nosey #italians #italy #big noses
by tweek2311 April 27, 2014
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