Simply the most talked about culture in the U.S.A right now. Linked to the words guido and jersey shore. Very few italians act like those on the jersey shore. Generally short, tan (if not, light skinned), beautiful hair and stubborn. The most interesting and caring people you will ever meet. To experience a true italian, one must become close to them, or be on their good side. Knows their way in life, won't put up with bull shit and isn't afraid to punch a bitch once in a while.
Did you see that chick?
Yeah man she must've been italian!

That kid is so fly man.
Yeah dude he's italian
by Sofia MM October 26, 2010
Far from what Jersey Shore had led us to believe, Italians are not a clan of intoxicated orange people with bad tempers. Intead, they are a people who love to eat, love and live. They make up a majority of the most beautiful and talented people on the planet (and they're the best lovers).

This also happens to be the name of their language, one that is one of the most beautiful languages you will ever here (In line with French).
Italians are the best
by BtimusTtimus August 24, 2010
People who like to have fun and dont get pissed of easy, but look out when they do. All of you people who say you have to have dark hair tanned skin and dark eyes are dumb. i am 100 percent Sicilian(Yes, unfourtunently the italians run Sicily) and I have light brown skin dark brown hair and blue eyes. My Uncle Rocco has red hair. We have close familys, and our grandmas are always willing to make us a sandwich.
Johnny-Nello you and your italian family are fucking stupid

Nello-Piss off prick dont fuck with my family

Johnny-Hey take it easy dago

Nello-ya fuckin dead

Johnny-K sorry Nello take it easy im sorry

Nello-thats right you faccia lorda
by LittleDominickG August 07, 2008
the original Latinos, face up to it my Mexican brothers, our flag is about the same, as is the food, passion and I'd rather be mistaken for a Mexican any day than a WASP.

have a family ethic, besides the work ethos

IF the Roman Empire was in Iraq these days, gasoline would cost 25 cents a gallon

Black folks get Italian names by MARRIAGE, not slavery.

anyone with Italian blood is usually a little bit happier, content, hedonistic

from Sicilia to Roma to Valdaosta, from NYC to Toronto to small towns in Minnesota or Montana- it's all good
An Italian named Pigafetta was Magellan's navigator.
by ALPINO July 10, 2008
simply put as the best people ever. me with my hispanic/italian/greek i stand proud and tall as an italian!
my dad is all those things. italian power!
by bubba jay June 12, 2007
A race of people with the biggest noses in the world.
Their egos are generally as big as their noses.
Did you see the size of that Italian person's nose? Be careful around them, they might stab you with it.
by tweek2311 April 27, 2014
I'm so sick of hearing this ridiculous shit that Italian people "aren't white"

NEVER BEFORE have I heard this before I came to this site and saw these ridiculously stupid definitions


I'm Italian and I'm light skinned, and damn proud of it!
And no, I most certainly do NOT fit the horrible Italian-American stereotype.
The only reason the douche bag guidos are tanned is because THEY'RE FAKE TANS!

Irish Man: I'm white! go me!
Italian Man: Me too! go US!
Irish and Italian Man: WE ROCK!
by Mykey Massacre December 04, 2009

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