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A doctor and nutritionist who proposed a low carb, high protein diet to handle weight loss. This controversial diet had people skipping out on bread and pasta and eating hamburgers and bacon. The real controversy started when Atkins died. He fell on the front stairs of his weight loss centre, had a minor concussion and then slipped into a coma. Days later he died. Doctors claimed that his eating habbits increased his risks of surviving this minor injury. When he died, Atkins was over weight (258 lbs) and had a high cholesterol.
I'm on the Atkins diet. No more bread for me !!!!
by Mr. Chubby February 24, 2004
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A skinny professor. He often wears jeans with a hole in the ass, emo glasses, and a glare that says "I am so much better and smarter than you."
Ha bob?
Does this make sense?
by bhb March 04, 2005
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