Italians are only those people born in Italy.
Italy is an western European country part of the EU.
Italy is one of the 8 most industrialised countries in the world. Italy is one of the 8 most powerful countries in the world and is part of the G8. Descendants of 19th century Italian emigrants to the USA cannot be consider Italians by culture/education/up-bringing/value, most of them cannot speak the Italian language (they generally speak a mix between a early 19th century southern Italian dialects and American English which would be incompressible to an Italian native). Italian currency is EURO (1 EURO = 1.5 US Dollar)
Every time I speak Italians American in New York I'll have to ask for them to repeat what they are saying in English as their Italian is incomprehensible to me.
by SPQR777 January 02, 2008
Victims of the stereotype that we wear nineteen gold chains and uses the words deez, demz,and dohz. And usually have ties to the Mafia. Just because we have Italian last names and are the darkest white people you have ever seen does not mean we are like that.
"Look, we better stay away from Tallia Genovasi, her brothers probably wear alot of gold chains and cant speak good english. If we fuck around with her, we might get clipped."
by Tallia November 09, 2004
a language derived from Latin and spoken by the people of the country of Italy. Here's a pronunciation guide:

A = pronounced like (AH)
AI = pronounced sort of like (EYE)
AU = pronounced like (OW)
B = pronounced like (B)
C = pronounced like (K) when next to A, O, U, HI, HE, R, L
C = pronounced like (CH) when next to I, E, IA, IO, IU
D = pronounced like (D)
E = pronounced like (AY) with single consonants
E = pronounced like (EH) with double consonants
F = pronounced like (F)
G = pronounced like (G) when next to A, O, U, R, L, HI, HE
G = pronounced like (J) when next to I, E, IA, IO, IU
GU = pronounced like (GW)
GN = pronounced like (NY) as in CANYON
GL = pronounced like (LY) as in TALL YARD
H = pronounced silent makes G and C hard next to I and E like in the word "SPAGHETTI"
I = pronounced like (EE)
J = occurs in foreign words; pronounced like (Y)
There is no K
L = pronounced like (L)
M = pronounced like (M)
N = pronounced like (N)
O = pronounced like (OH)
OI = pronounced sort of like (OY)
P = pronounced like (P)
Q = pronounced like (KW) when next to U
R = pronounced like (R) but it is rolled like in Spanish and Latin
S = pronounced like (S) and pronounced like (Z) when it is surrounded by vowels like in "POESIA"
T = pronounced like (T)
U = pronounced like (OO)
V = pronounced like (V)
There is no W
There is no X
There is no Y
Z = pronounced like (TS)
ZZ = pronounced like (TS)

The grave accent appears on the last syllable of words to indicate that it is stressed. Otherwise, there are generally no other accents.
Italian is a beautiful language and should be taught in more schools. I hope I am not missing anything in the pronunciation.
by Level 12 September 25, 2005
The ones who discovered your America. And built your railwais. And told you how to fight organized crime (successfully).
We like cooking, is a way to say how much you love and respect who will get the meal. We don't wear gold. We CARE family, women, and children.
We have mafia, but not like yours. Italian Mafia is born like an instituction in rural zones out of the "arm of the law". If two men got a problem, they asked for the judgement of a "man of honour" who had interests different from theirs so he was super-partes.
Now is a criminal association, we fight it and often it costs life to men and their family. So please stop thinking italians are into mafia. Or if you like start thinking that our mafia, the one we ALL are into, is a proud example of fraternity. We all do our best to make a favour to everyone asking for.
"Una mano lava l'altra, ed entrambe lavano la faccia"

A Hand washes the other, and together wash the face. You help me, I help you, and together we will get better!

Italians' way of saying
by Lamuccaglia June 23, 2006
hot girls, good food, but a lot of italian-american guys are douchebags
"italian people' country is shaped like a boot"
by Tommy F. September 05, 2005
Italian people rule! They are HOTT and SEXY baby i want some hot Italian ass tonight.
Have you ever picked a fight with an Italian and lived to tell about it? I think not.
by Italian Girly January 01, 2004
We're a living contraddiction. We're warm, easy-going, generally good looking and we like to live life but at the same time we can be real sleazy and too often we tend to choose illegal ways to obtain what we want. I'm not following any stereotypes cause i'm fully Italian, my parents are from Calabria, my grandparents were from Naples and Sicily....i've lived in Rome all my life that means it takes me 7 minutes to drive with my scooter to the Colosseum.... so i know what Italy and Italians are all about... As for real italians,
Yeswe do love eating pasta pizza and all the rest because they taste good Yes we have strong moral values in particular family ones and that is great on one side but on the other hand these are the same values on which the Mafia is based.... not all Italians belong to the Mafia, Italians in general hate the Mafia and do not act like Mafiosi to look cool or powerful.... and anyway the real Mafia has nothing to do with the common Hollywood immage of the street gangster/drug-dealer/pimp but it's actually about money-laundering, rackets and politics.
Yes unfortunately we sometimes do tend to live with our parents for too long but that's just cos our mothers cook the best food and family bonds are really tight
Yes we sometimes have some attitudes that could seem "gay" but that's only because our strong manliness allows us to be confident with our feminine side....that basically means that i kiss my male friends on the cheek but a couple of weeks ago i spent a whole night with two girls in my bed at the same time.... (not kidding)
which reminds me of the fact that Yes we are excellent lovers, both guys and girls.
And No, not all Italians use gel, spike their hair, dance like idiots, get fake tans, wax their chest and eyebrows or do whatever might be classified as "Guido" bullshit. Of course there are people that do all of the above, but in most cases they're considered quite ridiculous and even in Italy we have names to describe these idiotic people ("bori" "tamarri" "truzzi" depending on which part of Italy). As for Italian-Americans, i don't exactly know what they've evolved to be, but if it's what i'm seeing on the net when typing the word "Guido", then i'm deeply disappointed. I just wish they transmitted to the American culture only the best aspects of Italians without being influenced by the negative sides of America. Enough with the Godfather stereotype (it's still one of the best movies ever made) and to hell with all this Italia green-white-red wear! If you're Italian or of Italian origin be proud of it but don't go around acting like a fool and bragging about it...that's not what a real Italian would do. However, keep on spreading our culture and live up to the honour of being a descendant of Julius Caesar.
Italians are Italians. No way to change them.
by Antonino February 07, 2008
it's great to be one of those ITALIANS
by havalaf October 09, 2009
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