a semi-freaky movie that is based on the book stephen king wrote (called it)
its just about this murderous clown that takes the shape of your worst fears and only attacks kids
its real name is pennywise (also a kick ass band)
unless there is a sequel to it then its a very gay and incomplete movie
"Come on down here, want a balloon? they float, everything floats down here and you float too"
-Pennywise the clown
by patio boi June 27, 2004
The abbreviation for the Institute of Technology at the University of Minnesota. IT students are known for being dull and relatively uninteresting. They are about the only ones in the world who count as the highlight of their weeks as successfully compiling a program that converts temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius in C++.
An IT student's shirt:
"There are 10 types of people in this world: Those who know binary, and those who don't."
by hottleggs069 October 13, 2005
The technology that drives Microsoft to rule the world of today.

Not all good as analogue can truely be better than digital in a lot of cases like taking photos and recording videos.
IT is an abbreviation for Information Technology.
by Bon Bon January 03, 2004
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