a semi-freaky movie that is based on the book stephen king wrote (called it)
its just about this murderous clown that takes the shape of your worst fears and only attacks kids
its real name is pennywise (also a kick ass band)
unless there is a sequel to it then its a very gay and incomplete movie
"Come on down here, want a balloon? they float, everything floats down here and you float too"
-Pennywise the clown
by patio boi June 27, 2004
That which is brought.
Bring it on.
by Bloodbath87 March 02, 2009
SEX!!! Lots and lots of SEX!!!!!

They don't say the term "doin it" for nothin.
I wanna do "it" with her.

I wanna do "it" with him.

I wanna do "it" in the bushes.

I wanna do "it" in the janitor's closet in the school gymnasium.
by Fiber makes you poop March 18, 2007
A movie that scares the fuck out of me
*clown...evil clown...*
Tim:"Hey everybody, let's watch It"
by Jessica November 14, 2003
A story by Stephen King about a creature that lives under the small Maine town of Derry. It is not a clown but a creature that we cannot begin to understand. The story is about seven kids who decide to fight back against It. These children are Bill Denbourgho, Ben Hanscom, Eddie Kasprak, Richie Rosier, Mike Hanlon, Stan Murris, and Beverly Marsh. The kids christened themselves the Losers and fought many horrors in the fucked up town of Derry.

The identification of It as a clown comes from one of Its favorite forms, Pennywise the Dancing Clown.
"Somethings under Derry and it's killing kids." Richie Tozier

"We all float down here." It
by Oedipus the king February 26, 2014
Penis,dick,cock,pecker etc.
He took it out.
by Judge dredd7 November 28, 2011
The name of Gomez Addams cousin(from the Addams family) who is completely covered in hair and speaks gibberish.
My favorite character in the Addams family is cousin it!
by psychology nerd July 12, 2011
The word with MANY definitions:

1. The pronoun for an object.
2. What you call a person when you cannot identify their gender.
3. What kids call sex.
4. IT is short for "industrial technology".
5. The name of a creepy murderous clown in a Stephen King book/movie.
1. Pick it up off the floor and put it on the table.

2. Audrey: "Is that a man or woman?"
Sydney: "They're an it!"

3. Lexi: "Did you hear that Amber and her boyfriend did 'it'?"
Allison: "Really? I wonder what 'it' is like. Does 'it' hurt?"

4. "I'm going to an IT college."

5. "What if It jumps out of the drain like in the movie!"
by carrots823 April 20, 2011

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