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While the world is familiar with the Chick Flick and the male equivalent dick flick, and it flick does not adhere to either criterias fully and falls somewhere in the middle like The English Patient or Dead Poet's Society or Scent of a Woman. The difference from a chick flick being that it doesn't completely suck and the difference from a dick flick in that there is often less use of boobs, car explosions, killing and the word fuck. It is the Michael Jackson of movies.
Man 1: "Dude have you ever watched Garden State?"
Man 2: "No way I heard its a total chick flick and therefore sucks complete and total ass."
Man 1: What are you talking about it was good, there were drugs, yelling and Natalie Portman, all things needed to make a chick flick and make it good, thus creating an it flick."
Man 2: "It flick? Dude, what do you come up with these when you're high, in fact, can I buy pot from you?"
by Chas A May 07, 2008

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