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To have a crap whilst listening to your ipod.
Hey john... I just ipood.
by Trucast November 27, 2006
119 42
An iPhone or iPod that has been used on the toilet to play games or browse the inturdnet.
I don't know whether I would want to borrow Reno's iPood. He never washes his hands, and he drops deuce with that thing every morning.
by dswiggles December 17, 2010
8 1
When you have an accident on your ipod.
Dude I just accidentally shat on my ipod!

Lolz you ipoo'd!
by Didrich beargay July 13, 2008
4 5
1.Another name for the worlds worst mp3 player.
Guy 1: I just got the U2 ipod.
Guy 2. Ipoods suck, and now you do too.
by GrimTheLost September 27, 2005
43 71