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The act of illuminating the genitals with the use of ipod backlight during a 69.
Micheal "ipodded" with Jane to illuminate her vaginal region during a sexual encounter.
by Jon Stuber and Peppi Roni April 22, 2005
Rubbing your nipple in a circular motion like you have an ipod in your shirt pocket
I caught Ryan iPodding the other day at IoA!
by Seps September 08, 2005
using an ipod, especially when there are more than one person in a group using their own ipods at the same time.
We were all sitting around, texting people and ipodding.
by wewerelaughingalltheway September 23, 2011
the act of dancing around like a lunatic while ur ipod is playing, like they do in the commercials.
the coolest part of ipodding is...everything!
by sk1 September 18, 2004
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