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The definitions on this site have been used to discuss the pros and cons of the iPod. The fact is, it is a music player that is priced reasonably when compared to many other portable music players on the market today. The black and white screened iPod were somewhat overpriced, and the original iPod photo was far overpriced in comparison to other players, but with the introduction of the iPod with video it has become much more reasonably priced for a video player.
Also, many underaged children have a strong desire to own an iPod due to Apple's extremely successful advertising campaign, and as a result many people buy these players more as a status symbol rather than for practical use as a music player, leading people to purchase the most expensive model which holds 15'000 songs while only filling it with 200 songs.
Student #1: Hey, cool iPod.
Student #2: Thank's, it's a 60 gig.
Student #1: Oh, nice! I have that one too. How many songs are on yours?
Student #2: Oh, like 13'000, how about you?
Student #1: Wow! That's so many! I only have like 350!
Student #2: ...well then why did you get the 60 gig version?
Student #1: Oh yeah, well why do you have all of that music!?
Student #2: Because I really appreciate music and this was the best piece of hardware I could find that would hold it all with an easy to manage user interface.
Student #1: Well... You suck!
by ZachDigger109-32 May 13, 2006
146 61
A popular, high capacity mp3 player developed by Apple, reviled by many users of Urban Dictionary as a loathsome object of inexaustible hatred. Despite being nothing more
than a fairly expensive music player, the Ipod appears to have fomented a vicious social conflict unseen since the French Revolution.
Husband: "Honey, I bought you an Ipod for Christmas!"
Wife: "An Ipod!" "You Goddamn prick, I want a divorce."
by damon666666666 May 07, 2006
100 29
An expensive, overpriced, small mp3 playing device that can store a large capacity of mp3s. I'd find them useless, seeing as I can't even think of 1/10 the amount of songs you're able to put into it.
Some Guy: Yeah, I just got another new ipod.
Me: Yeah, good luck with that...
by Highly Evolved May 24, 2005
206 136
A horrible invention that lets the user run around in circles to find their mtv-endorsed favorite song of the week. High points are freezing at the best times (ie, study hall, long car rides, etc.), ugly design, and hard to use operating system.
Oh em gee, I just gawt mah IPOD and it totallli rox0rxz. Mah frendie tuld me 2 buy 1 cuz she got 1 n she luvz it! Unly pr0blem iz dat it freezzzes sumtimes, but dats okie if i can listen 2 mah favorit musixcxz! YEAH LOLZ LINDSEY ALL DA WAY
232 164
Want to see something fun? Diss the Ipod in front of an Apple Computers employee. They'll react like you just slapped their mom and tell you(in a whiny butthurt tone) to quit complaining and send your concerns to apple's customer service. Good lord, its just a fucking mp3 player! All electronics have their ups and downs and goddamnit we have a godgiven right to complain about the technical issues of them. I guess if you jab at any apple product's flaws, the brainwashed facade starts to crumble and i-cultists will stop at nothing to keep the delusion alive.
I worked for Bose, and sold iPods. We wanted to put some mp3s on the display model so customers could try it out... and it crashed every PC it was hooked up to. While complaining amongst ourselves, an Apple store worker happened by and took things a bit personal.
by gooberliberation January 01, 2006
115 54
Trendy overpriced p.o.s. that can't even do gapless output or vorbis. Not for people who like music. Less expensive players have more features and sound better.
Watch me demonstrate defenestration with this ipod-using poser!
by pseudonyme July 10, 2004
213 154
A digital music player produced by Apple Computer co.

The iPod is an enigma in both terms of success and controversy; some customers find the product unreliable and the battery difficult to change where as others praise its simple design and ease of use. An example of its design would be the touch-sensitive wheel that allows you to easily select an artist, album or track intuitively and at speed.

People who dislike the iPod often quote that it's over-priced, unreliable and that most people cannot use the storage space - this is mostly true for any similar device on the market, although the perceived lack of reliability of any popular product will doubtlessly be driven by how vocal disappointed individuals are. The most dumbfounding claim is that you can only use music bought from iTunes and that the software is difficult and unreliable to use. There are many third-party applications that work with an iPod, and the player supports many codecs. Should you try and transfer an unsupported codec, iTunes will automaticlly convert it - obviously you do not have to have purchased your music from iTunes to have it in your library.
iPod is subject to a lot of jealousy from school-age children.

iPod is a victim of its own success.

People have an obsession with iPod.
by Burritos August 18, 2006
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