A high quality, ultra-compact MP3 player. Perhaps overpriced. Fits in the stereotype of Apple - slightly higher priced, but much higher software and hardware quality. Just because many of its trendwhore owners are ignorant fools doesn't give you permission to hate it or be, in your opinion, non-conformist.
Geoff: The $250 price tag is a complete waste of money when you could get a creative player or an iPod mini that holds more songs for less.
Me: You can't tell me the Creative matches the quality of construction or software compatibility. iTunes, anyone?

Bas: $199 for a 2GB player? Or $179 for a 4GB Zen Micro? Or pay a premium $250 for an iriver H10 that has 150% more space and a nice design as well?
Me: Once again I point to software quality. The iRivers (cheap knockoff in more than one way) have bad interfaces and slower image loading times.

Pledet: "I sat on my ipod nano and broke it in two."
Me: You also sat on your walkman, shattering it and sending high-speed disc fragments up, in, and through your digestive system.
by Barcode711 April 10, 2007
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Apple's latest incarnation of its hugely sucessful iPod. The iPod Nano allows users to insert 1,000 songs up their ass.
Now my dream of fitting a hundred albums into my rectum can finally come true, thanks to the iPod Nano. Thanks, Apple!
by JakeStar October 04, 2005
Synonymus to graham cracker.
My friend said his iPod Nano was stolen but he actually dropped it in his graham cracker box and ate it two weeks later.
Satan in an itty bitty plastic, music-playing body.
Last night I sat on my iPod Nano. It cracked in half and then this demon popped out and ate my soul.
by Sawomantha December 27, 2005
The newest, smallest, and sleekest of Apples line of iPods. Thinner than a pencil, still has a full color display and is available in 2 or 4 GB models. Is available in both black and white.
The key is that is uses a flash memory drive instead of a hard drive, for increased battery life.
For only $200, it renders pretty much all other music players obsolete.
"Wow, the new ipod nano i just got is amazing... i wonder what apple will come out with next."

"I just threw away my dell jukebox to get an ipod nano, and wow it is so much better...."
by Rush8192 September 12, 2005
the ipod nano is a magical creation by the Apple Computer company. It can hold 500 or 1,000 songs, depending on what you bought. They are high quality and come with games and all sorts of magical fun. And they are durable, because I've dropped mine um-teen times and it's barely scratched. They're low maintenece and the best creation ever made.
Sally: Hey, look what I found on the ground
Sally's boyfriend: !&%##! THAT'S AN iPOD NANO!!!
Sally: Okay...what's the big deal
Sally's boyfriend: *grabs nano and runs* By the way, I've been cheating on you with Katie!
by Jordan! November 24, 2006
Small, compact flash-based mp3 player that is designed by the Apple Corporation. This design does not incorporate the previous outfitting of the iPod line, which included a hard drive, but runs far more efficiently without it. In addition, the buyer either has the choice of a black or white façade, with the traditional chrome backing.

The initial design for this product was the replace the iPod mini, but unfortunately, did not meet the expected sales. The first wave of the ‘nano’ had the choice of either coming in 2G or 4G and featured a colour screen.

It could also be noted that these models are not as fire-retardant as their predecessors, and carry with them the liability of being lost or dissolved in chemical testing.
Upon submerging from the geothermal reactor in Hong Kong, I had noticed that my newly-issued iPod nano had fallen into disrepute by ceasing to function.

I would rather consume some ice cream and buy 8 hookers.
by ~Snipe September 19, 2005
for such a small thing, it is really quite tough :]
i put my ipod nano in the washing machine,
and it's still working!
by bananabanana November 28, 2007
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