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A high quality, ultra-compact MP3 player. Perhaps overpriced. Fits in the stereotype of Apple - slightly higher priced, but much higher software and hardware quality. Just because many of its trendwhore owners are ignorant fools doesn't give you permission to hate it or be, in your opinion, non-conformist.
Geoff: The $250 price tag is a complete waste of money when you could get a creative player or an iPod mini that holds more songs for less.
Me: You can't tell me the Creative matches the quality of construction or software compatibility. iTunes, anyone?

Bas: $199 for a 2GB player? Or $179 for a 4GB Zen Micro? Or pay a premium $250 for an iriver H10 that has 150% more space and a nice design as well?
Me: Once again I point to software quality. The iRivers (cheap knockoff in more than one way) have bad interfaces and slower image loading times.

Pledet: "I sat on my ipod nano and broke it in two."
Me: You also sat on your walkman, shattering it and sending high-speed disc fragments up, in, and through your digestive system.
by Barcode711 April 10, 2007
Any non-Apple product using the lower-case-I-capitalized-second-letter titling system. Really, really, irritating, but excessively widespread.
Hey, look at that iRiver! And those iSkins!
"Just because they're iRipoffs, I'm not even considering them."
by Barcode711 April 10, 2007
The most respectable american car. The Z06 can run a track only a few seconds longer than an F430. However, the Z06, built with balsa wood (a "revolutionary" material) as panels of all things, still weighs a ton compared to every other non-American sport car built with the same steel, aluminum, carbon fibre, etc. that every other car is made of. I'd still take one over a Viper or (God forbid it was one of the choices) any Mustang.
The Corvette Z06 also runs on a 505 HP, 7-litre engine while the F430 runs a 483 HP, 4.3-litre engine. Guarantee the F430'll last/perform much better than the Z06 with time of use anyway- you're getting Ferrari quality for that money. I mean, what kind of durability are you gonna get out of a car made with wood?
by Barcode711 May 05, 2007
1. Not muscle cars, as opposed to the tag those articles have.
2. Something that owns, rules, rocks, is awesome, or pwns.
Modular: (example) Did you see those rusty looking muscle cars that beat the ridiculous looking riceburners at the racetrack? Get used to it!
Me: Cool? The track was a straight line.
by Barcode711 April 10, 2007
Something stupid people do with their cars to impress equally stupid people. Its main component, wheelspin, is accomplishable with any automobile, but perhaps it takes a slightly powerful/upgraded machine to sustain it, creating the smoke desired it. No practical purpose other than to waste tire tread and possibly blow the tires. Muscle car enthusiasts strive to achieve this effect at starts of drag races for no real reason.
"CHECK OUT THIS BURNOUT ON M' '29 'VETTE 'EAAAAAAAAH! AMERCAN MUSCLE FOR LIFE! Who would ever need more than 4 gears anyway?"
The only real, at least half-good American sports car is the Corvette.
by Barcode711 May 05, 2007

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