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A micro drive MP3 player made by Creative. Comes in 10 different colors (more than the iPod Mini). First models were 5 GB but new 4 & 6 GB models are now available. Also has a blue backlit trim which glows when the 12 hour, removable, rechargeable battery is charging. Those who haven't been brainwashed by Apple know the Zen Micro is the superior MP3 player.
"Why move around in circles to find the song you want? It's all about vertical navigation!"
by DJHill March 20, 2005
A new mp3 player, similar to the Apple iPod mini, manufactured by Creative. In general, the Zen Micro is better. It has larger storage capacity and an easier-to-use design.
Dude, did you check out my new Zen Micro? It holds more songs than your iPod Mini, and it was cheaper!

Did you see his slam dunk at last night's game? It was as cool as my Zen Micro!!!
by Liberal Hippie Douche March 14, 2005
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