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Is a product that apple has yet to create. It will come in handy to charge your ipod or iphone while you are walking.
I wish I had a pair of ipants so I can charge my iphone.
by futuramaking12 March 13, 2008
iPants are a metaphor for Apple fanboys' virtual excitement
Dude, that new iPad really tightens my iPants!
by dysangel83 April 20, 2010
1. iPant is what a person hears above their headphone mix while having sex and using earphone electronics. 2. iPant is any phantom sound which occurs when using any electronic device- which then seems to resemble a human 'panting' sound as to be animal like in wanting.
1. It was such a friction wrought pounding that I could hear his/her iPant and moans through my headphone mix. 2. Did you hear that moaning/panting sound when I turned the vid/box on?
by Nefarious Aflatus January 18, 2008
when an Apple product cannot perform a basic task, which all other products of that genre take as a standard feature:

my <apple product> doesn't do that <insert basic capability>, it's so iPants
my iPhone doesn't do <insert basic capability of smartphone>, it's so iPants
by iamdm April 21, 2010

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