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Is a product that apple has yet to create. It will come in handy to charge your ipod or iphone while you are walking.
I wish I had a pair of ipants so I can charge my iphone.
by futuramaking12 March 13, 2008
When the immune system attacks a little child because the person it inhabits has no life and a small friends list. The infected are generally small children who play Halo 3 and insist on talking into the mic which causes an all around deafness of whoever is in the game. This causes many of the other kids with the disease to yell their high pitch battle cry and forcing many grown adults to cry as their ears bleed.

Symptoms include: being a little kid, having no friends, having a voice that pierces the ear drums, being gay.

Possible cures: dropping a pair, make a fiend, get a girlfriend.
(Side effects: becoming a man, getting laid)
that kid has moscow disease.
by futuramaking12 January 01, 2008
Is a sexual predator that likes to rape little kids over xbox live.
That guy over there is such a playaslaya. You should watch out.
by futuramaking12 March 18, 2008
Usually one that is British. Likes to drink there tea and lounge at lounges around noon and munch on there crumpets while they talk about there queen.
Desmond:Charlie would you like to go t-loung at the lounge with me?

Charlie: And munch on some crumpets? I suppose
by futuramaking12 March 13, 2008

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