Penis erreted from the anus.
Man Micheal! You got a big invert huh!
by John Matt June 17, 2003
Top Definition
Drinking from a beer bong whilst performing a hand-stand (ie. inverted). It is common for one or two others to hold up/ support the subject being inverted.
Daniel could barely walk straight after his third invert of the night.
by Mike776 January 26, 2011
A flaming homosexual
"Chris, did you see that guy with the tight pink shirt on?"
"Yeah man, what a f**kin invert!
by NBrock October 04, 2010
A dive in which you jump off the board backwards and dive inwards.
An invert dive were you start at the board backwards.
by nonstopproduct January 02, 2006
invert - inverting - inverted - inverta

The act of performing something inside out or just mainly in some way that makes it alot harder and more complicated to perform.

(not to be consfused with reversing)
Dude, did you see me invert that beer!? Yeah, totally awesome and you only spilt half of it!
by J.Lindhe aka. wANi February 03, 2011
How high you can jump off tha ground. usually in inches
Yo man Vince claims he got a 43" invert
by killah June 22, 2004
A girl who is so ugly that she gets uglier as you become more intoxicated, rather than becoming more attractive.
-Dude, I'm gonna drink until she's pretty
-I don't think it will work. She's definitely an invert.
by chevynut14 January 11, 2010
A paintball company that makes markers, pants, etc.

I believe that the company is owned by Empire Paintbll
Hey did you see the new new invert marked
by joe the third October 08, 2008
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