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5 definitions by killah

How high you can jump off tha ground. usually in inches
Yo man Vince claims he got a 43" invert
by killah June 22, 2004
6 4
bad mother fucker

bow down
"i am iodizedsalt"
by killah February 17, 2004
3 5
an indirect comment, tryin to get at someone withour directly mentioning their name
wStop your sublininals hmey say wat u hav to say!
by killah March 07, 2005
4 9
Extremely inebriated. drunk
man, I'm so drunk, I'm crunk...
by killah November 03, 2003
2 21
Lyrically capable MC although he's a fruitcake. He only ''cockin'' in gay porn. Gay ass muf*cka.
Lloyd banks claims he the hardest. Prolly the hardest dick in gay porn videos.
by Killah December 26, 2004
22 46