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How high you can jump off tha ground. usually in inches
Yo man Vince claims he got a 43" invert
by killah June 22, 2004
bad mother fucker

bow down
"i am iodizedsalt"
by killah February 17, 2004
an indirect comment, tryin to get at someone withour directly mentioning their name
wStop your sublininals hmey say wat u hav to say!
by killah March 07, 2005
Extremely inebriated. drunk
man, I'm so drunk, I'm crunk...
by killah November 03, 2003
Lyrically capable MC although he's a fruitcake. He only ''cockin'' in gay porn. Gay ass muf*cka.
Lloyd banks claims he the hardest. Prolly the hardest dick in gay porn videos.
by Killah December 26, 2004

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