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Interwebz points (or interwebs points) are an unofficial currency of internet chatrooms and discussion boards. They don't count for anything, but some folks still "collect" them as a badge of honor. Originally used positively as a means of recognizing another's kindness, may also be used sarcastically to highlight another's status as a noob.
Thanks for the awesome vacation suggestion, TheTopDog, +10 interwebz points for you. ASSMUNCH1337, your suggestion sucked, -1,000 interwebz points for you.
#interwebs points #internets points #good on you #thanks #thankz #discussion boards
by poetcetera May 25, 2010
A fictitious muscle group (also, gloits). Often used sarcastically to deride those who take their work-outs too seriously.
Gym Rat: Oh man, I really pumped some iron today.
Smart Ass: Really hammered your croits, eh?
Gym Rat: Aw, yeah, sure did.
Smart Ass: Idiot.
#cloits #groits #gloits #delts #glutes #traps #lats #pecs
by poetcetera March 27, 2010
Too sexy (in an overweight, balding, unintelligent, fish-eyed, yellow-skinned sort of way). Typically used ironically.
Maud: Hey Betty, whatcha doin?
Betty: Looking at some Homererotic photos I found in my husbands' closet.
Maud: Oh my gosh! Aren't you concerned?
Betty: Concerned? Heck no. It's just a bunch of shots of him doing keg stands in his boxer shorts with his other fat hunting buddies.

Maud: Mmmmm, donut.
#homer #simpsons #dead sexy #fat #hideous #lazy #i'm married to it #gut #fat bastard
by poetcetera November 10, 2010
Random, indecipherable strings of gibberish resulting from indiscriminate use of an online translator. Closely resembles the Pentecostal practice of "glossalalia" - the act of babbling gobbledygook and falling down like an ass in front of a whole congregation of people.
User input in Online Translator: "I would like a piece of pie."

Translator output (Latin): "Ut a piece of pie."

User: Nothing but f-ing muddleglossia! How am I going to finish my ipsum Latin homework? Wait, ipsum? Oh! More f-ing muddleglossia...
#gibberish #nonsense #bullshit #gobbledygook #babblespeak #hooey #garbage #gigo #lost in translation
by poetcetera January 22, 2012
An overpowering attractive force exerted by grandchildren on grandparents and other family members that results in all future family gatherings being held at their home. Especially strong for first grandchildren.
We'd love to have the whole family over to our new house for Thanksgiving, but of course we'll be at Dawn's again this year. Why else? Grandkid gravity."
#grandchild gravity #kid gravity #newton's law of family gravity #family #siblings #holidays #grandkids
by poetcetera November 27, 2012
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