A feature or ability through which an object (i.e.: an application or a script) can function in different environments (i.e.: operating systems, hardware architectures).
Interoperability allows for a software to be run on any platform, without the need for porting or translating.
by Brownspank October 20, 2003
Top Definition
Technical: The capability - or functionality - of hardware or software being compatible with other versions of hardware/software or other components.
Interoperability is of great importance when developing software.
by The_Irrelevant_One October 19, 2003
The ability of a component to work well with other components, even if those components are made by different companies (or other entities). Often used to describe a computer software component that uses standard interfaces, file formats, etc. to work with well with industry standards.
Windows' printer driver architecture allows a PC to have great interoperability with a wide variety of printing devices.
by David October 19, 2003
A catchphrase invented by slick Motorola salesmen to sell more high-tier radios to people who don't need them.
Why should you buy these $5500 radios? Interoperability.
by batwings January 05, 2013
The ability of your girlfriend, wife or otherwise female life partner to sexually interact with her best friend for your gratification.
My wife and her friend are perfectly interoperable. That's why I can't come to poker night tonight with you guys.
by Momo October 17, 2003
(n) a nonexistant utopia wherein software is not platform dependent
Our game is interoperable - it will run equally well on Windows, Linux, XBox, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Playstation, etc.
by Knautilus October 20, 2003
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