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Born of the typical male concept that the size of one's male sexual organ detirmines one's attractiveness, intelligence, strength, prowess, social status, and overall value in life, the size of one's "internet penis" is a handy, unified measure of one's cumulative internet je ne sais quoi... how large one looms on the vast virtual landscape of the interwebs.

Internet Penis size can be effected by the uberness of one's computer, skills/skillz, general knowledge and the ability to bring it to bear in forums and chat rooms, or any other quality that causes those around you to react along the lines of "woah. pwnage."

Synonymous with e-penis

+5 if used in jest, -15 if used seriously.
You're the only one in the forum who knew how to get the unix server back online, how to make Dreamweaver sort my stylesheets correctly, where to get the latest photoshop plug-ins, -and- how to get past level 66 in "Legend of Binkly". Your internet penis is -huge-.
by Honor March 25, 2006
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the size of your penis when described on the internetz.
my internetpenis is gigantic, much bigger than IRL.
by glennar August 11, 2009
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Internet Penis: This is an expression that obviously means sonebody's "penis" over the internet. Somebody might order an internet penis, or use one to, say, wave it in someones face in online gaming.
Email: Helo Tomothy, due u wunt a bigger pen15? click hear<---

..........2 minutes later........
Ding Dong.......

Timmy: Ha! My internet penis is here! Hey Regular penis! Guess what? *Shun*
by ZuumTec October 25, 2006
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How long you say your penis is to people you talk to through the miracle of intarweb.
Yeah? Well MY internet penis is THIS big!
by Jack Carter April 03, 2004
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